It’s Poison!!!

We have been so hyper-focused on what we put in our bodies lately.  This is a good thing…no, this is a great thing!  However, it’s not the end of the conversation.  Its just as important to assess the products you put on and absorb into your body.

The U.S. bans 30 toxins.  Compare that to 600 in Canada and 1400 in the EU.  Thanks, America! Really! This means, we have to do the work.

These toxins are everywhere too! They are in food, plastics, furniture, food wrap, cookware, cans, carpets, shower curtains, electronics, shampoo and the list goes on. (#sadface)

A few years back, I was reading an article about the effects of chemical hair straighteners.  I was shocked to find out that they were linked to early puberty and Alopecia.  I had used chemical hair straighteners on my hair for most of my life.  I mean as far back as I could remember, I was frying my hair in one way or another trying to achieve the straightest strands possible.   I would take pain medication before my trip to the salon because my scalp would burn so badly from the chemicals.

After I read that article, I felt free.  Free from the burden of trying to make my hair do something it clearly didn’t want to do.  I decided to stop poisoning myself in that way.  I decided to take some time to get to know my real hair.  Years later, I can now see the natural shine of my hair coming back.  The scary part is how long it has taken to see the healthy hair.  I literally had to restore my hair from the root.

Now my eyes have been opened to the other toxins that we are exposing ourselves to on a daily basis.  According to a recent CNN article, some of the top toxins to watch out for are:

Organophosphate Pesticides

  • Used in pesticides used by most farms
  • To avoid: Eat Organic



  • Found in shampoos, conditioners, body sprays, hair sprays and nail polish, to name a few.
  • To avoid: Use unscented lotions, cleaners and detergents.  Microwave food in glass dish.


Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers

  • Used in televisions, computers, insulation and baby pillows
  • To avoid: Use free of flame retardant

Click here to read the full article from CNN.

How do we stop taking in the toxins?  One product at a time.  As I finish an item, I pledge to replace it with a cleaner alternative.  Its a marathon, not a sprint after all!

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