Change your perspective

I think we underestimate how powerful a change in perspective can be. Remember what Wayne Dyer said…

wayne dyer change perspective

This past weekend, I took a little time off and hit the road. I drove to Maine for the sole purpose of changing my perspective and recharging my batteries. I took some of the comforts of home with me, such as my oil diffuser, essential oils, yoga mat and a couple of good books. The trip was just what the doctor ordered.

The first day, I tried to ram my usual routine down my throat. I had passed some retail outlets on the way to the hotel and I was ready to shop til I drop. (or so I thought) The old me would have loved this shopping excursion and would have tried to buy everything in sight. This time felt a little different. I popped into stores and almost as quickly popped back out. I was not getting the same satisfaction that I used to get from shopping. In fact, it was draining and starting to depress me. I was beginning to feel alone and bored. What was happening? This trip of solitude was just what I thought I needed. So why was it starting to feel so depressing? I drank a little too much wine that night and went to bed. Ugh!

The next day, I woke up with a renewed sense of excitement. Today is going to be different from yesterday, I told myself. I took some time to remember what I had wanted to accomplish on this weekend getaway. I wanted to connect with nature and thereby connect with my true self. I decided to go to the public park before heading to my all day yoga retreat on a farm.

Ahh, what a difference a day makes! The park was BEAUTIFUL. Fall foliage was blooming everywhere and just a ¼-mile walk up the trail led me to the expansive water. I could feel the clean air relaxing me with each breath. The sun was starting to come out and my mood was certainly uplifted. I enjoyed the park so much that I was almost late to the retreat.


The retreat was on a farm where goats and chickens roamed freely. They were the happiest animals I had come in contact with and so photogenic! The retreat was all I could have hoped for and more! We practiced Vinyasa Yoga, said some mantras, ate a delicious Ayurvedic lunch, made our own Malas, practiced Kundalini yoga, had a gong bath and finished the day by a fire pit. Whew…that was a lot! It was powerful, moving and freeing! By the end of the day, those 10 other women became a part of my Ohana! We were hugging and promising to stay in touch by our departure.

The last day, I continued the magic of the day before. I woke up with a full game plan. I went to breakfast at a highly rated restaurant. Followed by a trip to another park. This park also had a public garden. My last stop was at Ganesh Imports, a bohemian and handmade jewelry store.

The trip was only a couple of days but the impression it left will last a lifetime. During this getaway, I learned a bit about the “new” me. I learned that I love nature. I feel renewed among nature. I am no longer a shopaholic. (Yay!) In addition, I LOVE animals. Sounds pretty basic but for me this was eye-opening. I mean, I’m a city girl through and through but with a small change in perspective I can appreciate all that the outdoors can give you…clean air, a clear mind and a renewed sense of self.

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