Let Your Intentions Be Known

vision boards

Vision boards – a collage of images, pictures and affirmations of one’s dreams and desires, designed to serve as a source of inspiration. (Wikipedia)

This past February I was introduced to the concept of vision boards. I had heard of them before that but never really understood what they were. I attended a local workshop and created my very first vision board.

We had stacks of magazines, poster boards, old books, decorative paper, decorative scissors (I was so addicted to the scissors) and markers.  The first step was to set our intentions for our life.  We jotted down some words and concepts that represented our intentions.  This helped focus our efforts when going through the mags and books.  Once we had cut out all of our pictures, we glued them to the poster board and added affirmations.  The final step was to put a picture of our self on the board.  I was so proud of it!  It fully represented my intentions and I thought it was quite beautiful!

The next questions I had were…Now what? What do I do with this thing? Do I bow to it? Do I pet it? (#confused) After asking around, I learned that you pretty much set it and forget it.  So, I brought my board home, put it in a special place and carried on with life. Every so often, I would review the board and do a check-in. To my surprise, things were happening!!!  My intentions were coming to fruition. It was truly profound to see that the power of an intention is magnified when you put it to paper.

This reminds me of the law of attraction. The idea that what you focus on grows. Focus on the beauty in the world and you will find more beauty to focus on.

focus grows

Therefore, I invite you to set your intentions and put those babies to paper. You will be shocked by what the universe returns to you.

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