Attitude of Gratitude



Thoughts have power!  I have heard this over and over again throughout life, especially as of late.  They say, what you focus on grows.  What do you want to grow in your life?

I choose to nourish love, light, compassion and joy.  I make a point to focus on the beauty I see in the world.  I believe it was Mother Teresa when asked if she would attend a rally against war, said “no, but when you have a rally for peace, let me know…”.  Ok, I may be paraphrasing there but you get the point.

Last year while attending a tech conference, I went to hear Tony Robbins speak.  He said, “change your expectations to appreciations and your whole life will change.” At the time it just sounded like words.  Good words but words.  I mean, how do you do that anyway?  I let the idea sit on my brain for awhile and then a few months later I started an appreciation journal.  The journal is a timeline of events/special moments that have occurred in my life since the start of 2017.  Every so often I go back to this list and add the new stuff while also reviewing the old.  It is always eye-opening and quite moving to see all the occurrences summed up this way.  It re-ignites my passion for life and propels me to do more.

So, I invite you to practice Niyama.  It is the second limb of yoga.  It helps us maintain a positive environment in which to grow and gives us the self-discipline and inner-strength to progress along our path.

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