The Journey of Ten Thousand Steps…


I started this blog to 1: chronicle my path to living an “Eight-Limbed” life and 2: to help spread the wealth of knowledge there is out there about this very subject.

I began with an innocent visit to a yoga class.  My mother and I wanted a way to spend some quality time together. We also wanted to get fit so we decided to go to an Afro Flow Yoga class (SN: I love Afro Flow Yoga. The fusion of yoga, African dance and mindfulness is a perfect blend.).

I sparingly attended yoga classes after that. A few years later I found myself at a yoga by the water class. Oh, what an environment!!! The class took place on the patio of a local contemporary art museum. It was amazing. I spent every Sunday over that summer on that patio.

I thought I was just going to “do” yoga…haha, little did I know. I quickly learned that the organizers of the yoga on the water class also hosted similar types of classes. I was hooked! During these sessions I kept hearing the teachers mention the concept of yoga off the mat. Huh? What was that? And how can I get some?  I pursued it. I learned about meditating as a way of healing the mind and body. That led me to the idea of an Eight-Limbed practice.

This blog chronicles my pursuit of that journey.  Welcome, take a seat. It’s going to be a bumpy ride! 😉

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